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Insects And Rodents Can Turn Your Dream Home Into A Nightmare

We Are the pest and tree health expert. Keep your home free from invasion and your yard beautiful year-round with the expert exterminators in Tyler, TX.

Roaches, fire ants, mice, and other indoor pests are not just unsanitary. They breed quickly, and within a matter of weeks, your home can be overrun. While some bugs can potentially be beneficial, many can, like termites, can actively damage your home. Some, like bed bugs, can leave lasting psychological damage.

That’s why it’s imperative to hire a pest control company with experience. Town & Country Pest Control has been helping homeowners in Tyler get rid of bugs and other pests in their house, yard, and outbuildings.

If you think you have an infestation, don’t wait. Contact us today, and one of our pest control technicians will help you reclaim your home for good.

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Pest Control in East Texas

We only use effective products and time-tested techniques

Monthly pest control service is imperative to keeping your home free from cockroaches, mites, wasps, and other distressing pests.
Town & Country will clear your home of pests and ensure they don’t come back.

Fire Ant

Fire ants are a notoriously aggressive breed known for their painful stings. If you’re seeing fire ant mounds pop up in your yard or see them in your home, you may be at risk of a home invasion. We can help with fire ant control and get them out of your house and yard permanently...

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Subterranean termites can devastate your home. They feed on dead wood and often build their colonies beneath a home. Their queen can lay up 1,000 eggs a day. Our termite treatments will help you protect your home. Call us today to get a termite inspection in Tyler...

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Bed Bug

Bed bugs feed on human blood, coming out at night to feed on exposed skin. A bed bug infestation can leave lasting psychological damage, too. If you see signs of bed bugs, hire a bed bug exterminator immediately. Town & Country’s bed bug treatments will kill bed bugs and give you your home back...

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During the summer months, mosquitos can ruin your cookouts and outdoor activities. Town & Country pest control uses innovative mosquito traps and traditional pest control techniques to keep your home and yard free from mosquitos...

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Tree Care - Disease and Pest Treatments


When trees get a fungal or pest infestation, it can get out of hand quickly. Damaged and dying trees ruin your home’s outdoor spaces. They can also create a hazard that could damage your home or the trees in the immediate area.

In addition to indoor pest control, Town & Country pest control can help protect your trees, shrubs, yard, and landscaping. Our motto is “We don’t cut them, we cure them,” and our outdoor tree service specialists can help you fight pest infestation, fungal growth, and disease-stricken trees, bushes, and other vegetation.

If you’ve noticed holes in the bark of trees, foliage turning brown at the edge, or a loss of color in your trees, call Town & Country Pest Control. Our tree services will help heal your trees and keep your home safe.

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