Town & Country Pest Control has provided extermination services to Tyler and all of East Texas for over 30 years. We’re always on the lookout for innovative, effective pest control methods to better serve you.


Town & Country Pest Control strives to provide the best, customer-focused extermination services available in East Texas. We understand that a pest infestation can be a high-stress situation. That’s why we always do right by our customers.

The big companies--you know the ones--will give you a window of time when they’ll visit your home (maybe). Town & Country understands that your time is valuable, so when we say we’ll be there we are actually there.

We also work with you to provide the best extermination services possible. We never rush to get to the next job and always ensure that--no matter how bad the infestation--we stay to finish the job right.


At Town & Country Pest Control, we always strive to improve our methods. Pests--and pest control--are always changing. New formulations and techniques are invented daily. These methods may be more effective, better practice, or safer for the environment.

One thing that sets Town & Country apart from other pest control services is our dedication to finding the best, safest methods to get rid of pests in your home. We stay on top of new extermination methods, be they traps, area denial, or sprays, and adopt the most effective we can find.

More Than Just Pest Control

Did you know that Town & Country can help get and keep your trees healthy? We’re experienced with tree services to keep your plants and trees healthy. We’re licensed to use ArborJet and other microjet systems, which are injectable substances that will boost your tree’s immune system and help it fight disease and pest infestation.

We’re also able to do deep root feeding to ensure that your trees and other decorative plants stay strong and healthy. If you notice brown spots or other signs of disease on your property’s trees, don’t wait. Call us today.