Rodents like to burrow in the walls of homes during the winter months. By Summer, there’s a family of rodents living with you. Town & Country Pest Control can eliminate rats, mice, and other animals that have invaded your home.

Once Rats Move In, It’s Hard To Get Them To Move Out

Rats, mice, and other rodents have long been associated with disease and were, in fact, responsible for the outbreaks of bubonic plague throughout the Middle Ages. Though the bubonic plague is less of a threat, mice, rats, and rodents are still vectors for disease.

What makes them a difficult pest to remove, though, is just how clever and resourceful they are. Rats and mice are drawn to human habitations seeking warmth, shelter, food, and water. Once they get in, though, they’re able to create burrows and bolt holes that help them evade detection and remain in your home.

We are also able to handle moles, snakes, raccoons, opossums, and other small animals that may be pestering you.

Town & Country has over 30 years of experience in rodent control in Tyler. We’re familiar with the native species and can provide rodent pest control services that clear your home of mice and keep them gone.

What Are The Signs Of A Rodent Infestation?

Both rats and mice are incredibly sneaky. Combine that with their small size and ability to fit through small cracks and crevices, and you can have a pest that’s difficult to get rid of.

There are some telltale signs that rats or mice may be present in your home, though, including:

How Can I Avoid Getting Mice or Rats?

Rat in a kitchen

When temperatures begin to drop sometime in the falls, rats, mice, and other small animals find a warm place to winter. Typically, they use small cracks and crevices to enter your home. Rats and mice then begin to build nests in the walls, crawl spaces, or attic.

Because there’s abundant food and water inside a family home, the rats and mice will thrive. What complicates this infestation is the fact that rats and mice breed very rapidly. A female mouse gestates only 19-21 days. They can give birth to litters of up to 14 pups.

It’s possible to keep rodents from entering your home by remaining vigilant and boarded up or fixing cracks and crevices that they can use to enter your home. Storing food in air-tight containers that they can’t chew through--like metal or glass--may also help.

How Do You Kill Mice And Rats?

It may be possible to treat early infestations on your own. Traps are readily available, though rats and mice frequently outsmart them. Poisons are also an option, but you shouldn’t use them if you have other pets in your home.

The best bet is to call a rat exterminator. Rats and mice are clever and frequently evade notice for long periods of time. Experienced mice and rat control specialists know how rats think and can find and seal points of entry into your home.

Town & Country’s mice exterminators have over 30 years of experience getting rid of rodents in Tyler. Whatever small animal is invading your home or yard, we’ll get rid of it, guaranteed.

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