Fire ants are a notorious pest throughout Texas. A single bite can be painful but a swarm of bites can be really bad. If you see ant mounds popping up in your backyard, call us. We’ll stop fire ants dead in their tracks.

Don’t Let Ants Spoil Your Summer Picnics

The image of ants invading and ruining a picnic is a classic because, honestly, it’s true. Most ant species are attracted to the smells from food and water. They’re creatures whose sole purpose is to eat and build their colonies.

Fire ants are a different breed, though. More aggressive than other species and with a sting--not a bite--that feels like burning, they’re not very fun. A single sting from a fire ant is unpleasant. Multiple stings can require medical attention. For those who are sensitive or allergic, the stings can be fatal.

If you see the ubiquitous mounds that signal a red ant invasion, contact Town & Country pest control. Our fire ant control experts will help clear your yard and home of the vicious pests once and for all.

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are one of about 200 or so species of red ants found around the world. Unlike other species of ants, which use their mandibles to bite prey, fire ants also have a stinger which they use to attack prey. This stinger injects the “burning” venom that they’re named for.

Fire ants are more aggressive than other species of ants. A combination of their ferocity and venom allows colonies to kill--and eventually eat--small animals. Many species, like the Red Imported Fire Ant, are invasive and are currently displacing natural ant species throughout Texas.

Fire ant colonies are predominantly subterranean. Eventually however, they’ll move above ground and leave large mounds that are the telltale sign of an ant infestation.

Fire ant mound in a yard

What Attracts Fire Ants?

Fire ants are omnivorous and can eat almost anything, from vegetable matter to meat. Any food has the potential to attract them--hence the classic image of them invading a picnic. They’re especially fond of sweet foods and smells. They’ll also leave the colony to find water.

Unfortunately, this means that ants are attracted to human dwellings, which provide a steady source of both water and food. They often build their ant colony in open areas that are unshaded and dry, which is why they seem to proliferate so much during East Texas summers.

How Do I Prevent Ants?

Preventing fire ants is very difficult. They’re so prevalent because they’re an incredibly hardy species. Their underground colonies are extensive and often have multiple queens. The best you can do is try to limit their food source and access to water in your home.

Regular, yearly treatment by a pest control professional can also help get rid of fire ants before they’re entrenched. Most over-the-counter fire ant killers will help but won’t get to the root of the problem, the ant colony, or kill the queen.

How Do You Get Rid of Ants?

Town & Country Pest Control has over 30 years as Tyler’s fire ant exterminator. When you hire us to kill fire ants, we make sure that we kill the whole colony. We’ll make sure that we get rid of the ants and keep them gone. Supplement the extermination with yearly treatments and the only thing that’ll spoil your picnics will be rain.

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