East Texas trees and shrubs will always have to fight fungus. Town & Country Pest Control can help you keep your trees and decorative greenery alive and healthy.

We don't cut 'em, we cure 'em

Like humans, trees have a natural defense system against tree disease, fungal infections, and pests. When trees begin to experience stressors, like drought, their immune system begins to falter. Because of their weakened immune system, the trees become more susceptible to pests and disease.

Infected trees can become a vector for diseases, which can then spread to healthy trees nearby. These could be potentially devastating for orchards and lead to dead and dying trees throughout your property.

Dead trees can be a hazard to your home, business, or outbuildings. While we aren’t a tree service and don’t offer removal, we do provide tree care services that will ensure you have healthy trees.

How Do You Help Trees?

We’re certified to use a number of regenerative therapies, including Arborjet, a popular microinjection for trees. Arborjet contains a patented combination of antibacterials, antifungals, pesticides, and minerals directly into the tree’s vascular system.

Arborjet and other similar treatments boost the tree’s natural ability to fight pests and disease. This removes stress from the tree’s immune system and fights whatever is causing it to struggle. Ultimately, it helps return trees to health without the need for sprays.

What Tree Diseases Can You Help?

Because our treatments boost the tree’s immune system, we’re able to help cure a variety of fungal and bacterial infections. Trunk injections will also help eliminate pests. Some of the most common diseases we treat for are:

How Can I Tell My Trees Are Sick?

Healthy trees on a street

Tree disease can manifest in a variety of symptoms, depending on the disease, infection, or infestation. There are a few signs, however, that are easy to spot and likely indicate a tree is struggling.

The biggest indicator that a tree is doing poorly is its bark. Generally, any bark abnormalities indicate that a tree may be diseased or infested. If bark is peeling away and falling in large sections, or if it’s discolored in any way, it’s a good sign the tree needs some help.

Another obvious sign is if the leaves of the tree are discolored. Diseased tree leaves will often break out in black or sickly yellow spots. Leaves may turn yellow or brown out of season as well. The outbreak may encompass the entire tree or be in isolated areas.

Although these are common signs, there are numerous others. The best way to see if your tree needs help is to call Town & Country Pest Control. We’ll send a tree specialist out there to inspect your trees and help determine if they need a little help.

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